Welcome Curly and Perm our Lincoln sheep

Today we brought home two beautiful Lincoln boys. They are about 6 months old a little suspicious but they have lovely personalities.

In fact the boys are very lucky, because if they didn’t come home with us, it was off to market for them. That’s the way it is for wethers.

Actually all our residents (Aplacas, Cormo sheep, the Lincolns and the Chooks) are lucky because they live on a farm ran by vegetarians.

Ok back to the Lincolns, Curly is white and Perm is a grey/black. Their fleece is quite interesting, it grows 12 inches or 30cm in a year. This means they need to be shorn twice a year.

The fleece falls in long wavey locks, it is quite course, weavers tend to like it because of it’s strength.

Lincoln is now considered a rare breed in Australia, the boys came from the only Lincoln stud left in Tasmania, apparently there is only around 10 studs left Australia wide, such a shame because we are losing our variety of fleece.

To support these herds spinners and weavers need to create a demand for their fleece.

Tasmanian House of Fibre has some white Lincoln in stock, just give me a call or email me. info@tasmanianfibre.com.au

Here is a pic of the boys, don’t they have the cutest faces.