Chocolate Chip Surprise

My husband and I were walking in top paddock this morning with the Coloured Cormo sheep when we noticed a little unexpected surprise, Cadbury had a Chocolate Chip with her.

Cadbury was secretly pregnant when we bought her, cheeky girl! So now we have a delightful little Choc Chip, not sure if it’s a boy or a girl, will let you all know later.

Update: Chocolate Chip is a girl!

Here is a photo of our new addition

Recovering from Deloraine Craft Fair

Well the Deloraine Craft fair is now over for another year and I think it might take that long to recover, I’m exhausted but I had a lot of fun.

It was great meeting many new friends and fellow crafts persons, so many talented people out there.

Young Taylah, 10 years old (spinner, felter, dyer, knitter, crocheter and art yarn spinner extraordinaire) was strongly supported with her stall, she sold quite a few of her hand spun smooshy yarns, Alpaca mobiles, handmade and many of her other lines also handmade, she wasn’t that keen on school this morning, I don’t blame her, she was a little tired but she is already planning for her next dayout. You can’t keep a good crafty down.

A big thank you to everyone that came in and supported Tasmanian House of Fibre and had a chat in the Aladdin’s cave of colour and woolly fibre.

The Mount Roland Silk and Suri Batts were a big hit as were the Showbags, so I’ll be back at the carder getting more Silk and Suri ready, such a luxurious fibre and Tasmanian of course.

For those of you who ordered Spinning wheels you will be happy to know that the orders have been passed on and are on their way to you.

Please excuse me while I return to bed for a little catnap.

Happy Crafting