Tassie Fibre Club Members

Hi Tassie Fibre Club Members,

Just letting you know your mystery fibre batt is on it’s way, it’s  great for felting, spinning, art yarn or just admiring for it’s beauty.

Have a look inside for extra gifts.



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Thanks, Sue

Tassie Fibre Club

Hi everyone

Febuary’s new Batt has been created and will be in the mail shortly.

The Tassie fibre club batts are great for felting , spinning and art yarn projects.

Below you will find a sample of last months fibre batt with the extra to kick it off for those starting out.

There is still time to join up for a Febuary start but you will have to be quick.

Tassie Fibre Club Batt for January 2011

Misti’s cria has a name

Thank you every one who entered the ‘name Misti’s cria competition’ We had over 20 entries so there were many lovely names.

Well it got down to 3 names and we then had to do some hard thinking and also decide which name suited her the most now that we have know her for 2 weeks.

The winning name is…………..

Mount Roland Le’Mist Lady!

Congratulations to Cindy, a fibrey surprise will be heading your way soon. Don’t chase the postie too much. Sue :)

Unnamed Cria update

Misti’s little girl is doing well and enjoying games with her new friend Princess Royal Garnet.

Lastest names in for Misti’s little girl are

Le’Mist Lady, Kiki and Shimmah

Please email me with your name suggestions, the winner will receive a fibre gift

Contact details: Please go to the ‘Home’ page, email is at the bottom of the page, Thanks, Sue

Friends Forever

Mum’s been busy

Mum’s been busy and she’s been on to  me to get these garments on the website.

Ok, ok, here they are, well some of them anyway.

Mum should be happy now, for a little while.

Hey Mum, weren’t you supposed to be doing some Baby Bunny Booties?

Mum’s creations

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Misti’s Cria is here, Yah!

Misti decided to have her cria in the pouring rain and wind, which meant me also being in the pouring rain and wind.

Misti is a strong girl and determinedly delivered her little fawn Suri girl, dad is Serena Lodge Prince Leo.

Misti has found her voice and is humming flat out (being deaf she never used her vioce), she was a little shellshocked as to what to do regarding feeding, I think the wind and rain was hindering her being a first time mum.

The babies were shivering even though they had on coats, miserable weather.

Barry and I quickly converted the carport to a double stall once again and we put Millie and Garnet in one and Misti and baby in the other.

I gave Misti and Baby some rescue remedy drops and Misti’s hum stopped being a stressed hum and became a hum of communication, baby was then able to get a feed, thank goodness.

Misti is now happily connecting to baby, clucking and humming and kissing her.

I don’t know what to call Misti’s baby girl, maybe you can find a name for me

Email the name to me and the winner may have a little suprise sent to them, let me know if you are a felter, spinner or knitter/crocheter or other.

Contact details: Please go to the ‘Home’ page, email is at the bottom of the page, Thanks, Sue

New baby Alpacas

The little Cria’s are arriving, Pristine had Sparkle a little white Suri girl who’s dad is Baarrooka Simply Red on the 10th of December 2010.

Harmony had Mimosa a little Huacaya fawn girl a week later her dad is Foresglen Merlin.

These pair are great mates, Mimosa leads Sparkle astay constantly.

Millie, our daughter Taylah’s girl was 16 days over due and finally presented Taylah with a stunning little girl, dad Forestglen Merlin.

Here are a few pictures of the birth in progress.

Taylah has named her Princess Royal Garnet, she is a dark red/brown, amazing colour.

We are now waiting for Misti to have her first Cria, Misti is my baby girl, she was our Cria born on our property, Misti is a white Suri with blue eyes which means she cannot hear, so we need to keep a special eye on her.

Well here is Millie and Princess Royal Garnet entering the world

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