Touch and go for Hayley

Disaster struck yesterday morning, our dear Alpaca Hayley nearly lost her life.

Hayley had been poorly due to a worm load a few weeks back and was struggling to gain back her weight as she was feeding a young cria and a cold winter was approaching.

We have been bottle feeding Hayley’s little boy, Darwin, a black Suri twice a day as it was to much of a drag on Hayley.

Hayley was also getting special feed to help regain her weight. Hayley had been improving so we put her in the top paddock with the herd and with free access to good quality hay, we continued to feed Darwin.

Then disaster struck, we had a few days of extremely cold wet and windy weather, Monday night was rather nasty.

Darwin was fed that morning by Pop Al , Mid morning and I hadn’t seen Hayley on the hill with the others as they were thawing out.

Time to go look.

Hayley was along the lower fence line laying down(cushed) and Darwin was running backs and forward between myself and his mum, she didn’t attempt to get up when I approached so I knew we were in trouble.

To make a long story shorter, it was a Wheel barrow trip for Hayley back to shelter as she was to weak to walk, Pop Al was huffing an puffing.

Hayley’s temperature was a low 32.8, she was suffering from hypothermia and at that low temperature she was unable to generate her own heat, so all the hot packs, water bottles etc went into action and our friendly vet Dr Mike lent us his heat pad.

It took 10 hours to get Hayley’s temperature up. She made it through the night, she is still weak and she hasn’t got to her feet today but she is eating and looking very bright so fingers crossed she will make a full recovery.

Below is a picture of Hayley in her jarmies, all wrapped up to keep her warm and happy.

Tassie Fibre club – June 11 Wallaby

All Fibre Club members should now have their amazingly soft Tasmanian Wallaby and Fine Merino Blended Batt.

This very soft Batt is lovely to spin, I actually made one for myself this time, Mum got one too so she is hooting.

Mum gets a little over excited when she has new fibres to try out so we will forgive her Hooting.

Anyway here is the beautiful Wallaby and Fine Merino Batt for June.

New Silk/Alpaca/Merino Blends

New Silk/Alpaca/Merino blends have been added to the shop.

These beautiful blends have been created in our Mini Fibre Mill here at Mount Roland Alpacas.

Each blend contains Alpaca fibre from one of our alpaca family members.

So if you are looking for new, fresh colours these might be what you are looking for.

Below is a sample of “Pippi”

May Fibre Club Soy silk

Fibre Club members had a special treat this month.

Feast your eyes on this delious golden batt.

A full 50gms of golden Soysilk, I looove this Batt.

Soysilk combined with tones of Old Gold and Latte


April Fibre Club-Black Diamond

April’s Fibre club featured strongly on Black Diamond Bamboo

Below is the moody Batt