Suri and Alpaca blended wool tops or rovings

Feel like trying something new and exciting?

Try our new blends of Suri, Silk (this could be Tussah Silk, Soy Silk or Mermaid Silk) and Merino of many colours.

The Suri content is from our high quality Suri’s raised on our farm here at Mount Roland Alpaca’s.

We also have blends of Alpaca , Silk and Merino of many colours, the Alpaca fleece is also from our Alpacas on our farm, you will notice that these blends are named after an Alpaca that has the same coloured fleece used in the blend.

We have trial spun these blends and we feel that you will love them, the colours are amazing and they are selling fast.

here is the link to happiness

If you would prefer the natural colours of Alpaca I have tops/rovings of Australian and Tasmanian grown Alpaca


Kromski wheels at Tasmanian House of Fibre

Kromski Spinning Wheels have arrived.

Tasmanian House of Fibre is very excited to be the sole Tasmanian distributer of these beautiful wheels.

We are currently stocking ‘The Sonata’, a beautiful compact folding wheel that has a classic style design, it is a full size spinning wheel that packs away easily into a custom made carry bag.

The Fantasia is a sweet little upright wheel with a modern design, both wheels have the double pedals of course.

Have a look at these wheels on the website or head over for a visit and take one for a test drive.