Black Diamond Socks

Below are some very snazzy socks spun and knitted by Susan from April’s Fibre Club Batt,

Well done Susan they look sooooo cosy and warm.

Creations from Heartfelt Toys

Ever wonder what different ways our snuggly bulky hand dyed yarn could be used.

Have a look a the picture below

Michelle from Heartfelt Toys makes these beautiful toys and adds an extra unique touch by adding our Hand dyed yarn, every one is different and so soft and cuddly, I know because I bought one, I just couldn’t resist.

If you go to her facebook site you will see more of these beautiful toys, a special gift for any child.

Thanks for sharing Michelle

Second Sister creating with Tasmanian Wool

Janine from Second Sister is a very innovative fibre artist.

Janine makes string using Tasmanian wool and other products to create the most amazing baskets and necklaces.

Some of the wool is Tasmanian Cormo, Tasmanian Coopworth and Tassie Special.

Below are some samples of her work, good on you Janine.

Silk’n'Suri lace baby shawl

Today we are featuring a very special, incredibly beautiful and delicate baby shawl made by Karen for little Thomas.

This exquisite shawl was made from hand spun Suri Alpaca and Silk in lace-weight available in the shop. The Suri fibre was from Lady Phoebe who is pictured a few blogs back.

This shawl is truely a labour of love, one that can be handed down to other babies, an heirloom piece.

I believe it took 500gms of yarn and measured 138cm square.

Suri has a wonderful drape and a beautiful sheen, our Silk ‘n’ Suri can be spun to order.

Well done Karen, it’s an amazing piece.

15 micron Tasmanian Merino woven scarf

Below is a beautiful hand dyed and woven scarf made by a very clever Tasmanian, Kira.

The scarf was made from 15 micron Tasmanian merino purchased here at Tasmanian House of Fibre.

The completed scarf was a participant in a Ravelry swap and winged it’s way over to North Carolina, USA, the recipient was delighted and amazed at the softness.

Thanks Kira for promoting our very special Tasmanian fibre.

Vest made from Gotland/Polwarth

This very beautiful vest pictured below has been made by Leonie.

Leonie bought the Gotland/Polwarth and loves the fibre so much she has now bought Gotland Lamb for another project.

The vest is a beautiful grey, soft to touch and has excellent detail when knitted as you can see.

Leonie spun the wool very fine, fantastic job Leonie, I’m looking forward to seeing your next project.