Alpacas an Coloured sheep for sale

We have quality registered alpacas for sale at a low price, neg,  mainly suri of many different colours, good temperments and beautiful fleeces, great to combine with silk.

Coloured sheep also available for sale, variety of colours and breeds and reasonably quiet so very quiet. Perfect for the spinner.

Please email or call on 03 6496 1942

Hayley’s Journey

It is with a heavy heart that I need to say that Hayley’s hard fought battle ended on Saturday morning about 10am.

Sadly after a 19 day struggle Hayley’s journey ended.

Hayley was a beautiful black Suri Alpaca who came to live with us about 3 years ago, always soft and trusting in her nature.

Hayley was a wonderful mum, she had three lovely crias while she was with us, White Mist a white Suri, the mother of Le’Mist, Jet Black a black Suri Male now about 18 months old and Darwin a very sweet little Black Suri boy of 4 months,

Darwin misses his mum but he has been given special attention and is now fully bottle fed, he looks like his mum Hayley.

Hayley was such a gentle soul, I will  miss her.

Touch and go for Hayley

Disaster struck yesterday morning, our dear Alpaca Hayley nearly lost her life.

Hayley had been poorly due to a worm load a few weeks back and was struggling to gain back her weight as she was feeding a young cria and a cold winter was approaching.

We have been bottle feeding Hayley’s little boy, Darwin, a black Suri twice a day as it was to much of a drag on Hayley.

Hayley was also getting special feed to help regain her weight. Hayley had been improving so we put her in the top paddock with the herd and with free access to good quality hay, we continued to feed Darwin.

Then disaster struck, we had a few days of extremely cold wet and windy weather, Monday night was rather nasty.

Darwin was fed that morning by Pop Al , Mid morning and I hadn’t seen Hayley on the hill with the others as they were thawing out.

Time to go look.

Hayley was along the lower fence line laying down(cushed) and Darwin was running backs and forward between myself and his mum, she didn’t attempt to get up when I approached so I knew we were in trouble.

To make a long story shorter, it was a Wheel barrow trip for Hayley back to shelter as she was to weak to walk, Pop Al was huffing an puffing.

Hayley’s temperature was a low 32.8, she was suffering from hypothermia and at that low temperature she was unable to generate her own heat, so all the hot packs, water bottles etc went into action and our friendly vet Dr Mike lent us his heat pad.

It took 10 hours to get Hayley’s temperature up. She made it through the night, she is still weak and she hasn’t got to her feet today but she is eating and looking very bright so fingers crossed she will make a full recovery.

Below is a picture of Hayley in her jarmies, all wrapped up to keep her warm and happy.

Reserve Champion at Canberra Royal Show

Mount Roland alpacas are very excited

Lady Aimie 2, a black Suri alpaca won her class and then scooped the Reserve Champion Suri fleece over 30 months.

We are all still jumping up and down with excitement.

Just to top off our success, Forestglen Merlin came third in his class.

This is only the 2nd time I have shown our Suri fleece and the 1st time I have shown the huacaya fleece, so with a little more experience our results may improve, fingers crossed.

Aimie 2 or Sophie as we call her is currently awaiting her first cria, the expectant father is Serena Lodge Prince Stitch

Aimie has a girl suri

Just popped out to check on the girls and there was a new addition.

Aimie, a lovely black Suri, has had a beautiful black Suri girl, her sire is Serena Lodge Prince Stitch, a grey.

Aimie has very soft fine fleeced offspring so I have high expectations for this little girl.

Her sister Sophie is rated as a superior breeding female, her fleece won 1st prise at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show last year.

I’ll put a photo up soon

Here is “Midnight Strike” or Midge for short, her half sister Aimie 2 (Sophie as she is known on the farm) just won reserve champion fleece in her suri class at Canberra Royal.

Unnamed Cria update

Misti’s little girl is doing well and enjoying games with her new friend Princess Royal Garnet.

Lastest names in for Misti’s little girl are

Le’Mist Lady, Kiki and Shimmah

Please email me with your name suggestions, the winner will receive a fibre gift

Contact details: Please go to the ‘Home’ page, email is at the bottom of the page, Thanks, Sue

Friends Forever

Misti’s Cria is here, Yah!

Misti decided to have her cria in the pouring rain and wind, which meant me also being in the pouring rain and wind.

Misti is a strong girl and determinedly delivered her little fawn Suri girl, dad is Serena Lodge Prince Leo.

Misti has found her voice and is humming flat out (being deaf she never used her vioce), she was a little shellshocked as to what to do regarding feeding, I think the wind and rain was hindering her being a first time mum.

The babies were shivering even though they had on coats, miserable weather.

Barry and I quickly converted the carport to a double stall once again and we put Millie and Garnet in one and Misti and baby in the other.

I gave Misti and Baby some rescue remedy drops and Misti’s hum stopped being a stressed hum and became a hum of communication, baby was then able to get a feed, thank goodness.

Misti is now happily connecting to baby, clucking and humming and kissing her.

I don’t know what to call Misti’s baby girl, maybe you can find a name for me

Email the name to me and the winner may have a little suprise sent to them, let me know if you are a felter, spinner or knitter/crocheter or other.

Contact details: Please go to the ‘Home’ page, email is at the bottom of the page, Thanks, Sue

New baby Alpacas

The little Cria’s are arriving, Pristine had Sparkle a little white Suri girl who’s dad is Baarrooka Simply Red on the 10th of December 2010.

Harmony had Mimosa a little Huacaya fawn girl a week later her dad is Foresglen Merlin.

These pair are great mates, Mimosa leads Sparkle astay constantly.

Millie, our daughter Taylah’s girl was 16 days over due and finally presented Taylah with a stunning little girl, dad Forestglen Merlin.

Here are a few pictures of the birth in progress.

Taylah has named her Princess Royal Garnet, she is a dark red/brown, amazing colour.

We are now waiting for Misti to have her first Cria, Misti is my baby girl, she was our Cria born on our property, Misti is a white Suri with blue eyes which means she cannot hear, so we need to keep a special eye on her.

Well here is Millie and Princess Royal Garnet entering the world

Contact details: Please go to the ‘Home’ page, email is at the bottom of the page, Thanks, Sue

Chocolate Chip Surprise

My husband and I were walking in top paddock this morning with the Coloured Cormo sheep when we noticed a little unexpected surprise, Cadbury had a Chocolate Chip with her.

Cadbury was secretly pregnant when we bought her, cheeky girl! So now we have a delightful little Choc Chip, not sure if it’s a boy or a girl, will let you all know later.

Update: Chocolate Chip is a girl!

Here is a photo of our new addition

Forestglen Merlin and Baarrooka Simply Red

Exciting news, The Boys have arrived!!!!!!

Forestglen Merlin an exquisite light fawn male alpaca who has the most amazing fleece, not a guard hair in sight, what a boy. (Huacaya)

Baarrooka Simply Red, one cool dude who is an International fleece winner,  brown Suri.

These boys arrived today with a delightful young lady Suri alpaca by the name of Silkwind Pristine.

Thank you Alison

The photos below show Merlin and Red wondering what to do next and Pristine taking a flying leap to her new home.