Felting sample Packs

Felting Kitbags

Try our Felting Kitbags complete with Felting needles.

They come in three different colour ranges for you to try. The Felting sample packs consist of hand dyed Australian Corriedale wool.

Try a Rainbow kitbag, Earth Kitbag or the beautiful Pastel Kitbag.

Below you can see the beautiful pastel colours waiting to be packed

Needle Felting Kit Bags

Hey, would you like to try your hand at needle felting?

Well this is a great way to give it a go, the Needle Felting Kit Bag has a lovely variety of colours and two felting needles to get you started.

All you need is your imagination and you will be off to a great start in the needle felting art.

Here is a link to get those goodies.


Highland Felting

Exciting News!!!!!                             

Tasmanian House of Fibre has expanded. We are now the proud owners of Highland Felting and Fibre Supplies.

Highland Felting was formally owned and ran by two wonderful people, Pat and Ken. Unfortunately Pat’s health has declined and she needed to retire.

We recently purchased from Pat her wool processing machinery, which means we now have a mini mill, but that’s another story.

We then realized that it would be a terrible waste to let the Highland Felting website disappear, so we decided to take it on. Yes I know I need my head read, how much busier do I need to be.

But it’s up and running again and for those of you who are not aware of Highland Felting you had better go and have a squiz.

Felting just got easier.

Have a look at the felting batts, these make felting faster and easier, you can split the batt by separating the layers and then place one layer over the other in a different direction and it’s done, no pulling tuffs and placing them this way then that.

This method will save you time on the placement of the fibre and gives you more time to have fun expressing your God given creativeness.

Highland Felting has a growing range of hand dyed fine merino and strong merino batts and tops/rovings for your felting needs be they wet felting or needle felting.

There are also felting needles, felting kits and books available, if you can’t find what you need email me or give me a call.

Happy felting.

P.S. You can also use these fibres for spinning

Contact details: Please go to the ‘Home’ page, email is at the bottom of the page, Thanks, Sue