Deloraine Craft Fair 2012

Tasmanian House of Fibre  will be at the Tamanian Craft fair once again.

You will find us at Venue 8 with Dowpaca Alpacas.

Venue 8 is the shed near the food(yum) on the road going to the showground.

Yes, I will have all the usual goodies for you plus a few extras, I’ve been trying to fit them in around the orders, flat out as usual.

There will be Hand dyed Australian Merino Tops, blends of merino and Alpaca, silks of many different types, Alpaca tops, kits, needle felting kits, paca bling batts of course with new colour selections, mohair, alpaca, merino blends, fleeces and more.

Just waiting for you to come and have fun:)

Deloraine Craft Fair 2011

Deloraine craft fair is here again.

Tasmanian House of Fibre and Highland felting have lots of new goodies to offer.

Because we are with the Alpaca tent our focus is on ……you guessed it….Alpaca.

We have hand dyed tops of Alpaca/Merino, natural colours of Alpaca tops and Suri if I have time to process them, there is an exciting range of beautiful blended tops of Suri/merino and silk or black diamond or soysilk.

Hand dyed Alpaca yarn is on the menu this year and also hand made alpaca/merino hats.

Of course we will have a selection of other goodies like silks, Landscape dyes, spinning wheels, Paca Bling Batts, fleece, felting needles, Hand dyed tops and more.

So see you there, Please remember I will be closed on Saturday.

Agfest 2011

Agfest 2011, Tasmanian House of Fibre will be there.

Tasmanian House of Fibre will be with the Alpaca tent this year at Agfest as we are promoting some of our Alpaca products made at our Fibre Mill.

We will have Alpaca rovings/tops and blends of natural and hand dyed fibre.

Our famous blends of Silk ‘n’ Suri will of course be featured with a few new additions.

The popular Paca Bling Batts will also feature, so come and have a look at our goodies, the above are only a few that will be available.

We will have our other stock on hand like the Rolls Royce of wheels the Majacraft and the full range of Landscape Dyes plus more.

We will keep you up to date as Agfest draws near.

Wool and Sheep Roundup

Wool and Sheep roundup right here in Tassie.

This is happening in honour of the visit of Lisa Westervelt from Massachusetts, USA. Lisa is a breeder and marketer of English Leicester Sheep.

There will be displays, powerpoint presentations, goodies to buy and demonstrations in knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning and felting.

Come and find out how to use this beautiful wool,.

WHERE: The Olde Barn, Heazlewood Farming “Melton Park”, 482 Heazlewood’s Lane, Whitemore, Tasmania

WHEN: Wednesday, 29th December, 2010

P.S. Daisy and Maple will be making an appearance

See you there

Recovering from Deloraine Craft Fair

Well the Deloraine Craft fair is now over for another year and I think it might take that long to recover, I’m exhausted but I had a lot of fun.

It was great meeting many new friends and fellow crafts persons, so many talented people out there.

Young Taylah, 10 years old (spinner, felter, dyer, knitter, crocheter and art yarn spinner extraordinaire) was strongly supported with her stall, she sold quite a few of her hand spun smooshy yarns, Alpaca mobiles, handmade and many of her other lines also handmade, she wasn’t that keen on school this morning, I don’t blame her, she was a little tired but she is already planning for her next dayout. You can’t keep a good crafty down.

A big thank you to everyone that came in and supported Tasmanian House of Fibre and had a chat in the Aladdin’s cave of colour and woolly fibre.

The Mount Roland Silk and Suri Batts were a big hit as were the Showbags, so I’ll be back at the carder getting more Silk and Suri ready, such a luxurious fibre and Tasmanian of course.

For those of you who ordered Spinning wheels you will be happy to know that the orders have been passed on and are on their way to you.

Please excuse me while I return to bed for a little catnap.

Happy Crafting


Deloraine craft fair – 4 days to go

Deloraine craft fair is almost here and we are going flat out like a lizard drinking getting lots of wonderful goodies ready for all you felters, spinners, knitters, crocheters and crafts persons.

There will be plenty of hand dyed merino tops to choose from, stacks of fleeces,Landscape and Gaywool dyes, Dye kits and Paca Bling Batts of course.

Felters! We have resist for your wet felting templates, dyed and undyed tops/rovings, mohair curls, baby English Leicester curls, silk and more. We are also stocking black or white silk scarves for Nuno felting and we also have a range of felting needles and Aussie made felt punches.

Spinners! We have a large range of products for you to choose from, starting from raw fleece to the various silks including Silk Latte(milk), Black Diamond. There will also be a Spinners Showbag available for $40 this has many different fibres in it to try.

As a special treat the new and exclusive range of Mount Roland Naturals “Silk ‘n’ Suri” Batts will be available in many new colours, some natural some dyed, if it’s pure luxury you are after then this is it!! Click here to see a sample.

Knitters! We have for you a selection of hand spun yarns, Tasmanian lace weight Silk ‘ n’ Alpaca or Suri Alpaca, Top end and I mean top end very soft hand spun Tasmanian Alpaca and of course the wonderful Tassie wool spun in the grease (Lanolin) plus an artyarn or two and a bit of super bulky just for fun. Knitting needles and the incredibly handy Knit Kit will be there.

Crocheters! You also have a selection of the yarns above plus we have put together a crochet pack for you to crochet some cushion covers in some wild colours using Tasmanian 15 micron Merino wool. There will also be some crochet hooks available is case you need a few more, never can have enough, always handy to carry in the glove box.

Crafters! Anything and everything, it’s up to you, come and have a look.

Where: Showground with the Alpacas.

Please remember everyone I won’t be there on Saturday, also a minimum of 10% of all profits go to children and families in need.

Below a little temptation of colour flowing in the wind.

Deloraine Craft Fair

Well it’s on again, Tasmanian House of Fibre and Mount Roland Alpacas will be at the Showground with the Alpaca tent, October 29th  – November 1st.

All your favourites will be there, mainly Tasmanian products, fleeces of various types, tops/rovings for felting and spinning, silk, yarn, Knit kits, knitting and felting needles, Paca Bling Batts, Majacraft spinning wheels and more.

Of course the focus will be Alpaca, so drop in to see some of the delicious Suri Batts and a few extra surprises just for you.

Young Taylah (10 years old) from Taylah Shae Alpacas will be there with her handspun, hand dyed and hand made products.

Taylah also has been expanding her product range and will have lots of lovely things to tempt you with.

See you there