Handmade Giant Chunky Knit Merino Wool Blanket

Super Chunky Knit Blanket/Throw – Grey

Size: Width 102cm/40inches x Length 142cm/56inches

Wouldn’t you just love to have one of these luxurious chunky knit throws over you right now! With all this drepressing cold weather, one of these blankets would be the best things you could ever have.

Why sit there in your living room just trying to cope with the cold, when you could be enjoying it with this throw?

Why not treat yourself? YOU’RE SPECIAL AND YOU DERSERVE IT!

This chunky throw is extremely warm and cozy, wonderful to snuggle up in on a cold winters night.

This throw is not only warm but also very soft, being superwash 19.5mic merino wool it does not have a scratchy, irritating feel.

If this colour doesn’t suit your tastes or decor, your can put in a special order for any colour in our range. Go to the links below to find the colours we provide.


Colour Range #1

Colour Range #2

Needle Felting Kit Bags

Hey, would you like to try your hand at needle felting?

Well this is a great way to give it a go, the Needle Felting Kit Bag has a lovely variety of colours and two felting needles to get you started.

All you need is your imagination and you will be off to a great start in the needle felting art.

Here is a link to get those goodies.


Hand dyed Corriedale Tops

A new line has been added to Tasmanian House of Fibre.

Hand dyed Corriedale tops in a wonderful array of colour, this wool is fantastic for spinning and great for needle felting and wet felting.

At the moment there are 17 colours to choose from with more to be added.

To view these wonderful wool tops go to:


Pink Knit Kit

The pink Knit Kit is here!

The pink Kit has all of the features of the Turquoise but with added knitting needle sizer.

The Knit Kit includes a double ended crochet hook, thread cutter, locking counter, 5 ft. tape measure, stitch markers, tip protectors,darning needle, and collapsible scissors (TSA Compliant) all put together in a very durable, compact, easy to locate device. Everything you need to take your project on the go.

Grab your Pink Kit today, $35.95

Suri and Alpaca blended wool tops or rovings

Feel like trying something new and exciting?

Try our new blends of Suri, Silk (this could be Tussah Silk, Soy Silk or Mermaid Silk) and Merino of many colours.

The Suri content is from our high quality Suri’s raised on our farm here at Mount Roland Alpaca’s.

We also have blends of Alpaca , Silk and Merino of many colours, the Alpaca fleece is also from our Alpacas on our farm, you will notice that these blends are named after an Alpaca that has the same coloured fleece used in the blend.

We have trial spun these blends and we feel that you will love them, the colours are amazing and they are selling fast.

here is the link to happiness


If you would prefer the natural colours of Alpaca I have tops/rovings of Australian and Tasmanian grown Alpaca



Kromski wheels at Tasmanian House of Fibre

Kromski Spinning Wheels have arrived.

Tasmanian House of Fibre is very excited to be the sole Tasmanian distributer of these beautiful wheels.

We are currently stocking ‘The Sonata’, a beautiful compact folding wheel that has a classic style design, it is a full size spinning wheel that packs away easily into a custom made carry bag.

The Fantasia is a sweet little upright wheel with a modern design, both wheels have the double pedals of course.

Have a look at these wheels on the website or head over for a visit and take one for a test drive.


New Silk/Alpaca/Merino Blends

New Silk/Alpaca/Merino blends have been added to the shop.

These beautiful blends have been created in our Mini Fibre Mill here at Mount Roland Alpacas.

Each blend contains Alpaca fibre from one of our alpaca family members.

So if you are looking for new, fresh colours these might be what you are looking for.

Below is a sample of “Pippi”

Agfest 2011

Agfest 2011, Tasmanian House of Fibre will be there.

Tasmanian House of Fibre will be with the Alpaca tent this year at Agfest as we are promoting some of our Alpaca products made at our Fibre Mill.

We will have Alpaca rovings/tops and blends of natural and hand dyed fibre.

Our famous blends of Silk ‘n’ Suri will of course be featured with a few new additions.

The popular Paca Bling Batts will also feature, so come and have a look at our goodies, the above are only a few that will be available.

We will have our other stock on hand like the Rolls Royce of wheels the Majacraft and the full range of Landscape Dyes plus more.

We will keep you up to date as Agfest draws near.

Highland Felting

Exciting News!!!!!                             

Tasmanian House of Fibre has expanded. We are now the proud owners of Highland Felting and Fibre Supplies.

Highland Felting was formally owned and ran by two wonderful people, Pat and Ken. Unfortunately Pat’s health has declined and she needed to retire.

We recently purchased from Pat her wool processing machinery, which means we now have a mini mill, but that’s another story.

We then realized that it would be a terrible waste to let the Highland Felting website disappear, so we decided to take it on. Yes I know I need my head read, how much busier do I need to be.

But it’s up and running again and for those of you who are not aware of Highland Felting you had better go and have a squiz.

Felting just got easier.

Have a look at the felting batts, these make felting faster and easier, you can split the batt by separating the layers and then place one layer over the other in a different direction and it’s done, no pulling tuffs and placing them this way then that.

This method will save you time on the placement of the fibre and gives you more time to have fun expressing your God given creativeness.

Highland Felting has a growing range of hand dyed fine merino and strong merino batts and tops/rovings for your felting needs be they wet felting or needle felting.

There are also felting needles, felting kits and books available, if you can’t find what you need email me or give me a call.

Happy felting.

P.S. You can also use these fibres for spinning

Contact details: Please go to the ‘Home’ page, email is at the bottom of the page, Thanks, Sue

Tassie Fibre Club Members

Hi Tassie Fibre Club Members,

Just letting you know your mystery fibre batt is on it’s way, it’s  great for felting, spinning, art yarn or just admiring for it’s beauty.

Have a look inside for extra gifts.



For comments or contact, please go to the ‘Home’ page, email is at the bottom of the page,

Thanks, Sue