Shearing the white sheep (Cormo’s)

Wow it’s been a busy week, snow, rain, and sorting fleeces.

Taylah and I have hand picked some lovely white Cormo fleeces

So all you people anxiously waiting, your white Cormo will be on your doorstep anyday.

I just love it when the fleeces come in, they are just sooo delicious you could just roll in them, Yum!

Just can’t wait to start spinning in the grease. Actually talking about spinning in the grease, Cormo is perfect, it doesn’t have the stickiness some other fleeces have.

As a special treat I have chosen a superfine fleece for those of you who love to spin and create in lace.

There is a limited quantity, only one fleece so let me know when you order if you want the superfine.

Ps. Daisy and Maple are doing fine, they have very loud voices

shearingCormo fleece

Shearing the Black sheep (Cormo’s)

Today was an exciting day, Taylah my 10yr old daughter and I visited the shearing sheds. The shearing of the coloured Cormo’s was happening, an exciting event.

We arrived and were welcomed by Peter the breeder of the Cormo’s, some sheep had already been shorn and were outside, I just happened to spot a half grown lamb who had grey tonings, she said she would like to come home with me so I bought her.

Ok in the shed, camera’s clicking, Taylah and I could hardly contain ourselves, but we had to calm down a little so the shearers didn’t think we were too strange, not sure that we achieved this goal.

There were 4-5 shearers working, a rous- a-bout, 2 fellows skirting and classing fleece and one chappy drenching the shorn sheep.

I chose some beautiful grey fleeces and a very soft brown fleece, actually I liked it so much I bought the sheep. I think Peter definately thought I was peculiar by now.

I didn’t worry about the black and brown fleeces because I’ll have some from our own Cormo’s in November.

We couldn’t get white fleeces at the time but I will be picking them up in a couple of weeks.

We stuffed the fleeces in the back seat and Cadbury(light brown) and Maisy hopped in the back of the ute and came home with us, they are settling in nicely.

Thanks Peter, Sam, Paul and all the others for a great day