1st at Bothwell Spinin

Congratulations Taylah!

Taylah, who has just turned 11 years, won the under 16s longest thread competition at Bothwell Spinnin.

This is actually a world wide competition, but we won’t tell Taylah that, we don’t want her to get a big head.

Taylah’s very finely spun thread measured 46.489 metres in length, Wow.

The longest thread competition requires that the spinner uses raw fleece (washed), the measurement is on 10gms of the spun fibre.

Taylah chose to use Tasmanian Corriedale.

Well done Taylah, what will you do next.

A special thank you to the ladies from Coffs Harbour for all your encouragement.

You may contact Taylah at info@tasmanianfibre.com.au