November fibre club Batt 2011

The November Batt reminds me of chocolatte, it is a mix of Suri, Soy Silk and Merino.

The colours are Chocolatte, Mocha, golden Soy Silk and brown Suri.

Unfortunately I forgot to take photos but the good thing is I have now added this combination to my blended Tops so here is a photo of them.

October Fibre Club

This Batt is a little unusual, it is made up of fine Tasmanian Merino 17.5 micron to which has been added white Angora Bunny from Icey and cat hair donated by Sheba.

A beautiful soft combination of Fibres

Please send a photo of your Batt after it has been spun as I’m sure Sheba’s owner would be interested.

September fibre club Batt

Check out September’s fibre club Batt, it is made from Black Diamond, Ingeo(corn silk) and some firestar to set it off.

August Fibre Club

I’m a bit late getting the photo’s up this month, sorry about that.

Anyway, everyone should have their cute little batts by now.

This month we had a sweet little batt that reflected some of the fresh spring colours, this Fibre club Batt was a blend of fine hand dyed Merino with Hand dyed Baby Leicester Curls scattered throughout.

Hope you like it, I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out, so send me some Pics.

Tassie Fibre Club – July

The July batt is a batt made in memory of Hayley.

These beautiful silky Batts are Suri, Silk and Merino. The Suri fibre came from our Suri male Baarrooka Simply Red, his fleece is incredibly soft and silky.

Tassie Fibre club – June 11 Wallaby

All Fibre Club members should now have their amazingly soft Tasmanian Wallaby and Fine Merino Blended Batt.

This very soft Batt is lovely to spin, I actually made one for myself this time, Mum got one too so she is hooting.

Mum gets a little over excited when she has new fibres to try out so we will forgive her Hooting.

Anyway here is the beautiful Wallaby and Fine Merino Batt for June.

May Fibre Club Soy silk

Fibre Club members had a special treat this month.

Feast your eyes on this delious golden batt.

A full 50gms of golden Soysilk, I looove this Batt.

Soysilk combined with tones of Old Gold and Latte


April Fibre Club-Black Diamond

April’s Fibre club featured strongly on Black Diamond Bamboo

Below is the moody Batt

Tassie Fibre Club – March 2011

Hi Tassie Fibre Club members

You will well and truely have your mystery fibre batts by now.

The Fibre Club batt for March is a Mermaid Batt.

This batt has a wonderful blend of sea colours in hand dyed fine merino, hand dyed tussah silk and mermaid silk

There is a Photo below of the February Fibre Club Batt

This is a combination of hand dyed Tasmanian Coopworth in pastels for added bounce, fine Aussie Merino, Bamboo and loads of hand dyed Firestar for sparke.

To join the Tassie Fibre Club head to the shop and order online or email me

Tassie Fibre Club Members

Hi Tassie Fibre Club Members,

Just letting you know your mystery fibre batt is on it’s way, it’s  great for felting, spinning, art yarn or just admiring for it’s beauty.

Have a look inside for extra gifts.



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Thanks, Sue