Tasmanian house of Fibre supports the Tasmanian and Australian wool and fleece growers and sources unique yarn, tops and slivers and of course the raw fleece of Alpaca, Mohair, naturally coloured and white wool from Merino, Corriedale, Cormo, Coopworth, English Leicester, Polwarth, Angora Rabbit and more. The majority of our product is Tasmanian and Australian grown or created.

We supply a gorgeous rainbow of dyed and blended felting batts, tops, rovings and slivers, blends of fine merino wool, silk, alpaca and camel. The eco friendly natural colours of alpaca and wool are available in tops and raw fleece, colours include and are not limited to white, fawn, dark fawn, chestnut, grey, black and a range of browns.

tasmanian house of fibreDid you know that Tasmania grows some of the finest merino fleece in the world, have a look in the shop to view our fine Tasmanian 18micron combed tops when available.

Mohair curls grown in the east of Tasmania are dyed in many different colours and can be used for that special project, felting, art yarn, wild dolls hair, the sky is just the beginning when it comes to your imagination.

We also love to use and dye Tasmanian Baby English Leicester curls, these are great to spin or use for felting embellishment or Art yarn spinning. Use them in their curls or picked and blended.

Tussah silk tops can add that something extra to your spun yarn, sorry we can’t grow silk yet and it is sourced outside of Australia.

Another Tasmanian grower combines coopworth, alpaca and silk into batts for spinning and felting or try moorit, alpaca and silk. These batts are in the shop waiting to tempt you with the combination of colour.