Tasmanian house of Fibre supports the Tasmanian and Australian wool and fleece grower and sources unique yarn, tops and slivers and of course the raw fleece of Alpaca, Mohair, naturally coloured and white wool from Merino, Corriedale, Cormo, Coopworth, English Leicester, Polwarth, Angora Rabbit and more. The majority of our wool supplies are Tasmanian and Australian grown or created.

tasmanian house of fibreWe have a small acreage in the Tasmanian highcountry between Railton and Sheffield, we grow Alpacas both huacaya and suri, coloured Cormo sheep, the only recognized Tasmanian Fleece Breed , this beautiful wool and fibre is then handspun and created into fine garments.

Tasmanian House of Fibre can provide many of the needs of the textile artist, knitting, spinning and felting supplies are available. We supply the Rolls Royce of spinning wheels, the ‘Majacraft’ and the Kromski wheels, also electronic wheel ‘the Jenny’ made by Inwood-Smith ( Australian made wheel)

Especially for those creative knitters we have the unique Tasmanian made Art Viva spotty top knitting needles, made from Tasmanian oak and the Australian made Swallow knitting needles made from milk, how neat is that, knitting is not complete without them.

We supply a gorgeous rainbow of dyed and blended tops, rovings and slivers, blends of fine merino wool, silk, alpaca and camel. The eco friendly natural colours of alpaca and wool are available in tops and raw fleece, colours include and are not limited to white, fawn, dark fawn, chestnut, grey, black and a range of browns.

Don’t forget the garments and accessories, head to the shop and view our handcrafted garments and check out the different dyes, wool scour (Australian of course) and other items of interest.


Tasmanian House of Fibre donates 10% of its profit to those less fortunate, below are some choices of charities, we give to Australian and overseas charities, we also support some animal carers when we can.


Kids Time

A beautiful ministry that shares Jesus with children around the world, the website is full of activities to do and watch and listen to.


Brenda Walsh Ministries

Sharing Gods Love, Brenda shares her life story and how God has led her on an amazing journey,

Brenda Walsh is the General Manager of the NEW 3ABN Kids Network. She a vivacious, loving, and generous Christian with a heart for ministry and a burning desire to share the love and joy of Jesus.

To donate to the new Kids Network please go to Brendas's website.


Karen Outreach

This ministry is made up of two families supporting orphaned children and babies on the Thailand and Burma border. These children have lived in fear of landmines and soldiers who have been instructed to rape, kill and steal. Your assistance would be gratefully received.